The Rapidwall plant was built in Sohar Industrial area north of Saltanate of Oman and the .....

HIDC is bringing this technology in to the region to introduce high quality building material....

Rapidwall has also been recognized internationally by the Gypsum Industry taking out the ....

Horizons Industrial Development Co. L.L.C. (HIDC)

Horizons Industrial Development Co. L.L.C. (HIDC) , Muscat, Oman , has secured exclusive manufacturing rights for Rapidwall Technologies from Rapid Building Systems Pty Ltd, Australia { RBS Co Australia} for the territory of Oman& UAE. HIDC also hold rights for the marketing of Rapidwall in the region. Rapidwall is an innovative, energy efficient and environmental – friendly, load-bearing large building panel of 12m length, 3 m height and 124 mm thickness with modular cavities. Rapidwall can be used for external and internal load-bearing and non load-bearing walls and floor / roof slab in combination with RCC. Rapidwall is resistant to water and fire and is free from corrosion, rot and termite. Rapidwall is highly thermal efficient and ideal for desert climate like Gulf countries. Indoor space of Rapidwall building will be cooler in hot weather and warmer in cool weather, thus saving recurring use of energy for air conditioning.

Rapidwall is manufactured using high quality Gypsum plaster, reinforced by glass fiber rovings, retarder and other harmless chemicals apart from potable water. Rapidwall is the World’s largest load-bearing light weight building panel. Rapidwall is manufactured by casting process with high tech methods with least use of energy. Manufacturing process does not cause any industrial or environmental pollution.

RBS Co Australia holds World Wide patent for Rapidwall manufacturing process and manufacturing Plant. HIDC has collaborated with RBS Co Australia for setting up Rapidwall manufacturing plants and associated plants within the territorial licence granted for Oman & UAE. HIDC in tie up with RBS Co Australia has already set up its first Rapidwall manufacturing plant in Sohar Industrial area and started production of Rapidwall panels using Gypsum plaster made from high quality natural gypsum rock in the southern regions of Oman.

HIDC has already constructed the first Rapidwall building – a three storey 3500 sft independent villa in Muscat, saving more than 5O% construction time compared to conventional construction. Rapidwall is used for walls and floors/ roof slab and fully demonstrated its high quality finish and its various advantages and benefits .

Rapidwall is a revolutionary, cost effective , load-bearing prefabricated walling system with broad construction applications for individual domestic houses, or villas to multi-storey buildings up to 10 storeys. Cost wise it will be more competitive and affordable in Gulf Countries.

Since its advent in 1990 in Australia, Rapidwall has been used for residential and commercial buildings and compound walls or security walls in Australia. China has been using Rapidwall since 2003 . India has already set up two Rapidwall plants in Chennai and Mumbai. Mumbai plant is set up by RCF, one of the largest fertilizer Companies owned by Govt of India. 3rd plant is being completed in Cochin by FACT, another major fertilizer giant owned by Govt of India.

Rapidwall has also been recognized internationally by the Gypsum Industry and it received a prestigious award at the Global Gypsum Awards Conference, held in Rio de Janeiro as the 2009 Global Gypsum Product of the Year, which recognizes excellence in the trading, marketing, production and processing technology of gypsum.